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Frequently Asked Question


Try to book as soon as you know your moving date or at least 3 weeks in advance because at the end of month slots fill up quickly.


                       – 15 foot for 1–2-bedroom apartment/condo moving.

                        -20 Foot for 2-3 bedroom house.

                        -26 Foot for 3-4 bedroom house.

                        If there is more stuff second trip may takes.

Usually 2 people for upto 3 bedroom house. If 4 bedroom or customer have more stuff then 3 Men .

We charge hourly as well as flat rate after visiting customers house or see the pictures of belongings.

Give a call to our customer care number and we will be happy to assist you with that. It is acceptable to cancel the reservation if needed.

We use moving blankets, taps, wrap wherever necessary to Protect your furniture from scratches and scuff marks while moving. Inside of truck we use straps so that your furniture does not move while driving.

We cannot move anything flammable, biohazards or pets.

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