Waiting to plan and pack your belongings to the last minute is not a good idea. Let us get organized before the moving day so that your moving day goes smooth and easy.
1) Reserve and confirm your booking with the movers two to three weeks before your moving day.
2) Make boxes of different rooms and areas separately and label them accordingly. Do not forget
to mark any fragile items on the top and side of the box.
3) Sort out things you are not going to use or need in your new house.
4) Take pictures of things you going to disassemble. It will help you to assemble them back later
on in case you forget.
5) Do not forget to schedule a cancellation date on services like newspapers, utilities etc.!
6) Make sure to have a plan for food. And pack some snacks as you do not want to get hangry on
your moving day.
7) Have a plan for little kids and pets while moving.
8) Try to have everything planned and ready to go for the movers the day before the moving day.
9) On The day of moving, try to move small boxes close to the door or garage to save time.
10) Pack a “first-day box” with things you are going to need first in your new house.