Moving can be stressful and overwhelming but being organized can help you save both money and time. Here are some tips: –
Tips to save money in moving.

1) Try to put everything in boxes, so that instead of going back and forth, Movers will load
your stuff faster into the truck.
2) For Condo/Apartment, always reserve the lift for moving, it will help movers to move
fast rather than waiting for the lift.
3) Give a full tour of furniture you want to move. It will help them plan better for stacking.
4) During winter, clean snow and put some salt on your driveway before the mover’s show up
for parking space.
5) If it’s a long walk, make sure your movers have a dolly and hand truck.
6) Disassemble/assemble furniture if you have tools to save money.

Tips to save Time during moving

1) Mark on each box which room/place they belong in the new house. That way you do not
have to tell movers each time where to drop them.
2) Sort out the stuff that you do not want in your new place before Movers come.
3) Leave heavy or 2 men stuff for movers and try to bring light furniture near the truck or
garage by yourself, if possible.
4) Mention any fragile stuff to the movers so that they can stack accordingly.
5) Do not put anything in the dressers as this will make dressers heavy to carry through
stairs or on-ramp.
6) Try to book you are moving at least 3 weeks before closing or moving to a new place.
Because at the end of month slots get booked fast.
7) Make sure there is enough space to park the truck as it has a ramp.